Crime Update

Jhb-West Florida

Florida SAPS is investigating a case of Murder On 2018/09/04 at about 09:00 members of vispol received a complaint of Murder at Jerusalem Informal Settlement, upon arrival they found the body of a woman buried in a shallow grave,the motive of death is unknown. Compiled by Sergeant More Florida Corporate Communication

Douglasdale Murder

2 counts on 2018/09/05 at about 22:18 Douglasdale patrolvan received a complaint of mob justice at Msawawa squatter camp from 10111.The complaint was phoned in to 10111 by an ananomous caller. Masemola and his team make sure the vehicle does not leave until JMPD arrives. He also complained about new enemies he make while doing his job. “Some residents earn their living through recycling. When we stop vehicles from dumping in the area they complain.” Said Masemola. He said no matter what happens illegal dumping in his area will stop at all cost. CRIME UPDATE the scene the smouldering bodies of 2 unknown black males were found. It appears that the victims were stoned and burnt. The scene was deserted on arrival of the patrolvan and no witnesses could be traced. No form of identification found on the bodies.Motive behind the killing is still unknown.



On Saturday 29, 2018, Diepsloot SAPS embarked on a crime awareness campaign at Boxer Store in extension 6. The police sensitised shoppers about a range of crimes that are of great concern in this community. Pamphlets with safety tips were distributed to the shoppers.

As the festive season is fast approaching, shoppers were encouraged to refrain from withdrawing large sums of cash, as this can easily make them targets to criminals who are preying on unsuspecting victims at the ATMs. Furthermore, they were advised not to carry large amount of money when they go shopping; instead, they should use their bank cards to purchase with.

During the festive season, stokvel clubs often meet to share money which they have saved throughout the year. Shoppers, particularly members of stokvel clubs.

Incidents of missing children is another subject which the police touched on. The police pleaded with parents to ascertain whereabouts of thier children at all times. Parents were further urged to constantly educate their children not to interact or accept gifts from strangers; and also to refuse when offered lifts by strangers. The community was encouraged to report all criminal activities at the police station or anonymously report crime on our Crime stop number 08600 10111. Compiled by Tinyiko Mathebula Diepsloot SAPS: Corporate Communication

Cell: 071 675 7428