Diepsloot Skills and Development Centre

Diepsloot Skills and Development Centre has various skills development programs taking place at the center on a daily basis.

Cooperate governance and traditional affairs Dorah Nogano said there are many activities taking place at the center that anyone can keep busy during the day rather than staying home doing nothing with their time.

“We have provincial social workers, family life center, community development workers, door to door campaigns, elderly citizens care center, extended social package (ESP), early childhood development center and the career guidance Fibre Processing and Manufacturing (FP&M) SETA programs and other programs that we run at the center,” she said.

Lack of transportation does not stop the center from running its problems.

TNogano said they sometimes struggles to meet their deadlines for their campaigns since the center lack transportation to take them to different parts of Diepsloot.

“We do not have our own vehicles at the center and that slows our campaigns because we cannot reach out to other areas in time”.

“The center caters for everyone in the community but with lack of resources, the job becomes hard for us and people might think that we do not do our work,” she said.

The skills center holds the service providers meeting on every first Wednesday day of the month from 10am till 12.

Nogano added that they are facing a challenge of people not attending the meetings especially the elderly people and that makes it hard for the center to be able to identify what kinds of problems they will be facing.

Nogano can be reached at 079 696 0139

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